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Les Nuits

! After Party ! Factory Floor invites Babyfather - Paula Temple - Throwing Snow - Zebra Katz

Saturday 20.05.17
Orangerie/Rotonde, Standing
electronic, slowmo techno experimental, punk noise, experimental hiphop, grime, dub, techno, house, IDM, hip hop queer, rap, dark
  • THROWING SNOW 00 - 00:30 @Orangerie
  • ZEBRA KATZ 00:30 - 01:00 @Rotonde
  • FACTORY FLOOR 01:00 - 2:00 @Orangerie
  • BABYFATHER 02:00 - 3:00 @Rotonde
  • PAULA TEMPLE 02:30 - 4:30 @Orangerie
About this concert: 


Throwing Snow

You get the picture: Throwing Snow moves to the beat of his own drum, with a hard-to-define magic that binds his tracks together no matter how different they might be at surface level

Factory Floor - Botanique

Factory Floor is a British electro duo consisting of Gabriel Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void. 

Babyfather - Botanique

Babyfather is an experimental hip-hop project of enigmatic British artist Dean Blunt, previously known as one half of the duo Hype Williams.

Paula Temple - Botanique

A self-confessed Noisician, Paula Temple obliterated 2014 with ‘Deathvox’, her second monumental release for the legendary label R&S.

Throwing Snow - Botanique

One day Throwing Snow woke up imprisoned in a studio somewhere in the south west of England. The air smelt funny, not at all like the fresh air of the north, but it was somehow addictive and sort of green.

Zebra Katz - Botanique

Fresh on the scene and he's already taken the fashion and hip hop worlds by storm!


Babyfather - "Meditation" (Prod. by Dean Blunt & Arca)

Paula Temple - Deathvox [Official Video]

Throwing Snow - Ruins

Zebra Katz - Hello Hi (Official Video)

Factory Floor - Botanique


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