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Autumn Falls : Scott Matthew - Still Corners - A Winged Victory for The Sullen - Marissa Nadler - My Sad Captains

Sunday 27.11.11
Toutes salles, Standing
indie, ambient, acoustic, neoclassical, minimal, singer-songwriter, folk, rock, pop
  • 20:00
Botanique + Toutpartout
About this concert: 


20.00-20.30 : My Sad Captains (Rotonde)

20.35-21.20 : Scott Matthew (Orangerie)

21.25-22.10 : Still Corners (Rotonde)

22.15-23.00 : A Winged Victory for the Sullen (Orangerie)

23.05-23.55 : Marissa Nadler (Rotonde) 


At first glance it may seem surprising that such a gifted song poet as Scott Matthew comes up with a collection of songs exclusively penned by others on his new studio album UNLEARNED. But from first listen of the new album it becomes obvious, tha

A Winged Victory For The Sullen is the collaboration between Stars Of The Lid founder, & Brussels resident Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie, and Berlin based composer, Dustin O’Halloran.

Marissa Nadler - Botanique - (C) Ebru Yildiz

The eighth album from Marissa Nadler, For My Crimes, is the sound of turmoil giving way to truth. Bolstering the intimacy of these songs is the strong feminine energy that defined their recording.

My Sad Captains are a London-based indie-rock band, whose debut album Here & Elsewhere was released in 2009 on 

Still Corners is a dream pop group which formed in 2008 in London, England.

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