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Les Nuits

Europavox Brussels by Les Nuits Botanique : Superorganism - Hippocampe Fou - Rive - Taf Lathos - Tim Dup - Masasolo - Kiol - Anna Leiser

Wednesday 09.05.18
Toutes salles, Standing
indie, pop, electro, hip hop, chanson française, rap, singer-songwriter, folk, techno, house
Botanique + Europavox
About this concert: 

On May 9 we will be presenting, in collaboration with Europavox, a festival day full of Europe's most promising acts! We will be welcoming the incredible psychedelic pop gang of Superorganism and the Frenchmen Hippocampe Fou and Tim Dup... Tickets are now available and give access to all the halls.

This event is co-funded by the European Union under Creative Europe.

#EUandME campaign for mobility, we can now offer a free ticket for every ticket you buy!


Superorganism - Botanique

Occasionally, along comes a band that perfectly captures so much of what is exciting about music right now.

Hippocampe Fou (c) Kop3to Shinoart - Botanique

No english version available. Sorry. 

Rive (c) Benoit Do Quang - Botanique

No english version available. Sorry.

Taf Lathos, real name Panagiotis Kyriakou, is a Greek Hip Hop artist, based in Athens. Originally got into writing and spitting rhymes for well over a decade, Taf Lathos today sits at the very forefront o

Tim Dup - Botanique

No english version available. Sorry.

Masasolo - Botanique

Danish vocalist and guitar player Morten Søgaard Andersen is the man behind Masasolo, He uses the band as an outlet for musical experimentation, as well as a personal diary of the joys and pains of being a dream

Kiol (c) Ph.Davide Gallizio - Botanique

KIOL is a songwriter and musician born in 1997. At the age of 20, he has already written more than 40 songs.

Anna Leiser - Botanique

Anna Leiser has been an integral part of the dj circuit for more than ten years.

Superorganism - Night Time (Official Video)

Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous (Official Video)


RIVE - Justice

Ταφ Λάθος - Αλήθειες πριν το ψέμα μπει στη μέση (Official Video Clip)

Tim Dup - Une envie méchante (Clip officiel)

Masasolo - Blackie The Blue

KIOL - Broken Up Again [Official Video]

Europavox - Les Nuits


Bota’Carte: 14€
Sale: 17€ (1+1 for free)
(costs included)