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EUROPAVOX Festival Brussels: Great Mountain Fire - OY - Napoleon Gold - Kiol - Noiserv

Friday 16.12.16
Orangerie/Rotonde, Standing
rock, indie, pop, electro, dance, electronic, dubstep, singer-songwriter, folk, acoustic, experimental
  • 19:30 doors
Botanique + Europavox
About this concert: 

EUROPAVOX Festival Brussels, two exclusive evenings! On the 16th and 17th of December, EUROPAVOX presents a broad spectrum of European music in the Botanique.

Based on a historical relationship, 7 venues from 7 different countries have come together to design, realize and deploy the EUROPAVOX PROJECT in order to facilitate the implementation of collaborations across our continent.

The aim is to gather European youth around an international and interactive live music experience! 

EUROPAVOX Brussels powered by Le Botanique !

(c) Mihnea Popescu

“We’ve got the magic,” sing brussels quintet Great Mountain Fire on the lead single of their new album "Sundogs".

OY - Botanique

After wowing audiences across many countries for the last couple of years, the incomparable duet consisting of Ghanaian-Swiss vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and producer & musician Lleluja-Ha are back with new songs from another world.

Napoleon Gold - Botanique

Bewitching arrangements, warm low-pitched vocal samples and rousing percussions are NAPOLEON GOLD's favorite tools when producing their ambient electronic tracks.

Kiol (c) Ph.Davide Gallizio - Botanique

KIOL is a songwriter and musician born in 1997. At the age of 20, he has already written more than 40 songs.

Noiserv (c) Vera Marmelo - Botanique

Life is built-up around small details. At the very first glance, we can sense that in Noiserv’s universe the attention is focused on the very small and particular things, which put altogether make great songs.

Great Mountain Fire || 5-Step Fever [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

OY - "A New Planet Is Born"

noiserv - "QUINZE"

Napoleon Gold - Royal Water (Co-prod by Sun Glitters)

KIOL - Tower (Original Song) - LOHMA

Europavox Project 2016 - Botanique


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Europavox Project - Botanique
Creative Europe Programme - Europavox - Botanique