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Festival La Belle Hip-Hop (opening night)

Friday 09.03.18
Orangerie, Standing
rap, hip-hop, breakdance
  • 19:30 doors
  • 19:30 - 20:00 DJ DDVRKK Warm Up
  • 20:10 - 20:25 MC Manmeet Kaur
  • 20:25 - 20:40 Kab & Lipass
  • 20:45 - 21:00 Krtas Nssa
  • 21:00 - 21:25 Pinqy Ring
  • 21:30 - 21:40 Bgirl Roxy
  • 21:40 - 22:05 Dee MC
  • 22:10 - 22:40 Blu Samu
  • 22:40 - 23:10 Ayben
  • 23:10 - 23:40 GAVLYN
Botanique + La Belle Hip-Hop
Blu Samu - Botanique

Blu Samu started making music when she was 19, she travels trough out different styles, from hip hop to soul passing by funk. Her songs are a reflection of her inner tho

Mc Manmeet Kaur - Botanique

As India's first female emcee to come out, Kaur got introduced to hip hop 13 years ago.

Krtas'Nssa - Botanique

Sana Ouquessou aka Kertas Nssa is passionate about rap in 2010. Influenced by rappers like Mos Def, Wu Tang or Mobydick, she won several local rap competitions. Sana also takes classes in theater and poetry.

Pinqy Ring - Botanique

Born and bred in Chicago, Marisol Vélez (aka Pinqy Ring) first shook hands with the mic at age 15 when her love for learning Hip Hop songs turned into a curiosity to try it for herself.

Malikah - Botanique

Lynn Fattouh, aka Malikah (Queen in arabic) aka LIX, was born in Marseille, France in 1986.

BGirl Roxy - Botanique

A former World Trampolining Champion, Roxy has now established herself as a major force on the international breakdance circuit having competed in Europe, America and Asia.

Dee Mc - Botanique

Deepa Unnikrishnan also known by her stage name Dee MC is a 1994 born rapper and singer from Mumbai who loves hip hop culture. She has been actively releasing music videos since 2012.

Ayben - Botanique

Ayben Özçalkan, who made her mark as a seventeen-year-old by rapping on her older brother's CD recording in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1990.

Gavlyn - Botanique

The 23-year-old L.A.-based rapper GAVLYN has been rapping since 2006.

Klab & Lipass - Botanique

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