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Les Nuits

FKJ - Romare Full Live Band - Todiefor - R.O

Saturday 13.05.17
Chapiteau, Standing
electro, jazz, soul, downtempo, groove, house, electronic, indie world electro, electro pop, future pop, electronica
  • 19:00 doors
  • R.O 19:30- 20-15
  • TODIEFOR 20:15 - 21:00
  • ROMARE FULL LIVE BAND 21:05 - 22:00
  • FKJ 22:10 - 23:15
About this concert: 

FKJ - Botanique

Music can often be directly rooted to one location – murky electronics belong to London nightbus rides; smoke-filled saxophone solos evoke images of dusky New York jazz bars – but there’s a lot to be said about

Romare - Botanique

Romare has spent the last year collecting samples and working on a concept: that a new form of music can emerge by investigating the relationship between different musical cultures through sampling.

Todiefor (c) Guillaume Kayacan - Botanique

No english version available. Sorry.

RO - Botanique

No english version available. Sorry.

FKJ - Why Are There Boundaries

Romare - 'Who Loves You?'

Todiefor - Beautiful (feat. Helen)

Konoba - On Our Knees (feat. R.O)

FKJ (c) Jack McKain - Botanique


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