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Katerine - Irma - Playboy's Bend

Sunday 15.05.11
Cirque Royal,
pop, chanson française, world, soul, folk, electronic
  • 20:00
About this concert: 


20.00 – 20.35 : Playboy's Bend

20.55 – 21.30 : Irma

22.00 – TBC : Katerine

Katerine (c) Eric Garault

Philippe Katerine (known as Katerine for his artistic work) is a French singer and composer, who published eight records since the beginning of his career in 1991.

Photo Irma (c) Vincent Thomas

Less popular is 19 year old Cameroonian born artist, “Irma” who currently performs and resides in France. Of minor YouTube fame, Irma began publicly sharing music in 2006 and has become one of the most popular French Musicians of YouTube. 

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