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Les Nuits

Magnus - Agar Agar - Whispering Sons

Monday 15.05.17
Chapiteau, Standing
electro rock, synth pop, acid-disco, post-punk, shoegaze
  • 19:00 doors
  • WHISPERING SONS 19:30 - 20:10
  • AGAR AGAR 20:30 - 21:15
  • MAGNUS 21:35 - 22:35
About this concert: 

Magnus - Botanique

Magnus is a joint dance collaboration of Tom Barman - heart and soul of Antwerp (Belgium) rockers dEUS and CJ Bolland - DJ/producer and key figure in the international techno scene.

Agar Agar (c) Andrea Mae Perez - Botanique

Clara and Armand made their first track for the retirement of the librarian from their art school in Paris. That collaboration led them to post a few tracks on Soundcloud and a first single release.

Whispering Sons (c) Annick Geenen - Botanique

Whispering Sons is a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2013. Their dark sound breathes desperation and nervosity, which translates into an ominous atmosphere.

Magnus - Puppy feat. Tim Vanhamel (Official Video)

Agar Agar - I Am That Guy

Whispering Sons - Strange Identities (Official Video)

Magnus - Botanique


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