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ProPulse : Pale Grey - Taïfun - Kiss & Drive - Fastlane Candies - Gaëtan Streel

Wednesday 01.02.12
Toutes salles, Standing
pop, psyche, electronica, rock, folk, singer-songwriter, indie
  • 20:00
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles + Botanique + Court-Circuit
About this concert: 

Propulse festival replace now Boutik Rock. From 1 to 4 February, Botanique will show you the belgian cream of the crop! With more than 30 concerts with Kiss & Drive, Fastlane Candies, Gaëtan Streel, Pale Grey, Noa Moon, Veence Hanao, Dynamic, Uman, Compuphonic, etc., Propulse presents some thematical nights hard rock, hip-hop and electro

Propulse will blow you away! 

20.00 - 20.35 : Gaëtan Streel (RO)

20.50 - 21.25 : Fastlane Candies (OR)

21.40 - 22.15 : Kiss & Drive (RO)

22.30 - 23.05 : Taïfun (OR)

23.20 - 23.55 : Pale Grey (RO)

+ infos :

Pale Grey (c) Loic Poes - Botanique

Some acts are impossible to categorise. Pale Grey are one of those bands. Previous single ‘Billy’ was a dream-pop love in, floaty and serenading.

Gaëtan Streel (c) Gilles Dewalque

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Fastlane Candies (c) Laura Hermans

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