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Les Nuits

Sexy Sushi - Bass Drum Of Death - Mujeres - J.C.Satàn - The K.

Saturday 11.05.13
Chapiteau, Standing
electro, garage, punk, rock, psyche, noise
  • 19:00 doors
  • 19:30 - 20:00 The K.
  • 20:20 - 20:50 J.C.Satàn
  • 21:10 - 21:40 Mujeres
  • 22:00 - 22:40 Bass Drum Of Death
  • 23:00 - 23:50 Sexy Sushi
Photo Sexy Sushi

With Sexy Sushi, Mitch Silver and Rebeka Warrior have elevated the combination of electronic techno sounds and lyrics sung in French to the rank of art.

Photo Bass Drum Of death (c) Brock Fetch

In spite of their devilish name, the music of Bass Drum of Death lies much closer to the Sex Pistols than Marilyn Manson.

Photo J.C.Satàn

We might as well tell you that their gothic rock reminds us of Bauhaus in their glory years, but the French of J.C. Satan do not need to be in favour of the lyrical evangelic tradition.

Initially described as a noise or grunge band The K. return this fall.

SEXY SUSHI - J'aime Mon Pays

bass drum of death LP2 promo

Photo Sexy Sushi


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