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Les Nuits

Sleaford Mods - Powell - Shame - Mark Wynn

Tuesday 16.05.17
Chapiteau, Standing
post-punk, hip-hop, rock, electro - techno, punk, indie rock, garage, lo-fi
  • 19:00 doors
  • MARK WYNN 19:30 - 19:50
  • SHAME 20:00 - 20:40
  • POWELL 21:00 - 21:50
  • SLEAFORD MODS 22:10 - 23:10
About this concert: 

Sleaford Mods - Botanique

Once dismissed around their native Nottingham as "two skip rats with a laptop" the last 12 months has seen the Sleaford Mods simply knock all their detractors clear out of the way.

Powell - Botanique

London-based producer Oscar Powell‘s music is to techno what Jandek’s is to rock ‘n roll: a thoroughly emaciated, obtuse and primitivist take on a familiar sound, with scant regard paid to such trifling concerns as melody or narrative development.

Shame - Botanique

The London five piece have swiftly earned a reputation as one of the most visceral and exhilarating live bands in the UK, their combustible shows being honed through a heavy touring schedule in the UK - includin

Mark Wynn - Botanique

No english version available. Sorry.

Sleaford Mods - Moptop

Powell - Frankie (ft. Frankie)

shame - Tasteless (Official Video)

'Captain Fantastic' by Mark Wynn

Sleaford Mods - Botanique


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