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Les Nuits

Zeal & Ardor - Lysistrata - The Psychotic Monks - Endless Dive

Thursday 25.04.19
Chapiteau, Standing
black metal, Blues Rock, gospel, rock, post-rock, post, math-rock, rock psychédélique
  • 19:00 doors
  • 19:30 - 20:00 Endless Dive
  • 20:20 - 21:05 The Psychotic Monks
  • 21:25 - 22:10 Lysistrata
  • 22:30 - 23:30 Zeal & Ardor
About this concert: 

Les Nuits 2019 - Botanique

Great news! Zeal & Ardor, a true musical UFO that mixes American black music (whether soul, blues, gospel or jazz) and black metal, is added to line-up of Lysistrata, The Psychotics Monks and Endless Dive on Thursday, April 25th. In addition, they will play the Chapiteau... more space, more noise, woohah!
This means that the concert of Blood Red Shoes, Sports Team and Annabel Lee will be moving to the Orangerie the same evening.
Tickets remain valid and prices unchanged for both concerts. And as a little bonus, after the final note of Blood Red Shoes, the holders of an Orangerie ticket can enjoy the concert of Zeal & Ardor at the Chapiteau!
Zeal & Ardor (c) Mehdi Benkler - Botanique

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Lysistrata (c) Deadly Sexy Carl - Botanique

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The Psychotic Monks (c) Marie Monteiro - Botanique

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Endless Dive - Botanique

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Zeal & Ardor - Baphomet (Live at Lowlands Festival 2018)

Lysistrata - Small Box [Official Video]

The Psychotic Monks - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Endless Dive - Misadventures