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“…each one gets the honey and each one gets the knife, but fools like us always survive…”
A non-conforming magazine gave its music journalists a daunting task a couple of years ago, of having to sum up the new and upcoming records in just 1 single word. For Admiral Freebee’s ‘The Honey and the Knife’ the word ‘debut-vibe’ would be quite the fitting candidate. It is the keyword of a mature, well-considered fourth album that is made with the candour of a first album.

Tom Van Laere is a curious and driven artist who likes to challenge himself. ‘Songs’ (2005) was partly built on the excitement that goes with having to record an album with a group of strangers in a far-away city (Los Angeles) in just 7 days. For ‘The Honey and the Knife’ he found his motive and drive while walking. Are you familiar with The Walk Anyway Day? Translated rather freely as “keep walking, even if you don’t feel like it or it doesn’t matter”. Van Laere left his guitar at home and composed the songs in his head while taking long walks across the city. He tested the new material, without introducing it first, in places where no one knew him. Where Amsterdam was his favourite spot to keep a low profile. 
Admiral Freebee kept that ‘feeling of a debut’ as a result of it. A warm memory of the no man’s land between the silver at Humo’s Rock Rally 2000 and the release of ‘Admiral Freebee’ (2003).

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Admiral Freebee - Always On The Run (Music For Life 2015)

Admiral Freebee - Nothing Else To Do (Official Video)