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Currently based in Paris, the Alb entity originally came to life in Reims. Clément was a fan of old synths and garage sale treasures and put together his first compositions back in the mid 2000’s. In 2007 Alb released their debut album “Mange Disque” (Record Eater). The band ended up splitting and Clément continued Alb as a solo project. Kind of.

In 2014, “Sortez! C’est beau” (Go out! It’s beautiful) was released and propelled Alb to the top thanks to the power of “Whispers Under the Moonlight”.

Clément brought Raphaël along with him to play drums on tour. As a jack of all trades, he quickly became the second member of Alb. He brought an aesthetic to Alb, making it a coherent and multi-faceted project with coherency in both music and visuals.


ALB - The Less I Know (The Better)

ALB - Botanique

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Last album: 
Deux (22.09.17)
Last single: 
Scar Cycles