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Founding member, singer, songwriter and guitarist of Belgian cult band Metal Molly. Metal Molly’s debut album ‘surgery for zebra’ was released in October 1995. the year that followed was filled with a huge radio hit, concert dates on the biggest festivals, concerts in the US, support acs of Bush, Therapy and David Bowie and a European tour. Unfortunately the band split in 1997 only to come back together in 1999 to record their second studio album ‘The golden Country’. after this album the MM members went their own way. **1998: DIY project ‘cabbage’ is released on brinkman records **2001-2006: Founder, singer, songwriter and guitarist of ‘Satellite City’. This band released 2 studio albums in 2003 and 2004. Reached the nr 2 spot in the alternative hitparade. Extensive touring in Belgium in 2004 and 2005. Currently on hold. **fall 2006: release first solo album

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Allan Muller - 'Can't stop now' music video