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AllttA is an electronic/hip hop duo consisting of 20syl and Mr. J. Medeiros. 

The formula is simple, an innovative mix of organic and electronic music by French super­producer 20syl, laced with the intricate and poetic rhyme­stylings of Los Angeles based rapper,  Mr. J. Medeiros. 

On their forthcoming “The Upper Hands” album, AllttA proves they’re able to maneuver through genres and touch on the avant­garde without losing their musical identity. 

Both artists brought the strongest elements of their individual talents to AllttA, pushing each other to create a new sound without losing themselves in the mix. This is what makes AllttA unique, two skilled artists who respect their craft and know when to move forward. 

AllttA - Touch Down Pt. I - Instrumental [Motion Graphics]

AllttA - The Woods - Live @ Stereolux - Nantes (FR)

Alltta (c) Mathieu Renoult - Botanique

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On And On Records
Last album: 
The Upper Hand (2016)
Last single: 
Touch Down Pt.1