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Aloïse Sauvage begins very young many artistic activities: music in the conservatoire (flute, battery, saxophone), breakdance, theatre and writing (mostly slams). 
In 2010 after a scientific baccalaureat, she decides to turn to the Arts and chooses the contemporary Circus, where she finds all her passions within the same space. She goes to the Academy Fratellini, university of Arts of the contemporary circus, and graduate in June 2014 in speciality acro-dance. 
In parallel of its formation, between 2011 and 2014, Aloïse already plays in various creations mixing circus, theater and dance: Tchic and Tchok then Colosse directed by Jérôme Thomas, Reste encore un peu choreographied by Hervé Sika, Le Bal des Intouchables directed by Les Colporteurs, Consolations directed by Raphaëlle Boitel, Pedras directed by Anna Rodriguez and Muriel Picquart etc. 
Her work with Raphaëlle Boitel (Compagnie l’Oubliée(e)) continues after the Fratellini Academy, she is now in 3 of her shows: Consolations, L’Oublié(e) and 5es Hurlants(creation 2016), which are still touring in France and overseas. 
Since 2014, Aloïse Sauvage is a part of the agency Oz as a comedian. We saw her for the first time in Trepalium, an anticipation tv show directed by Vincent Lanoo, that aired in early 2016 on Arte. 
We can also see her on Mal de Pierres the last movie directed by Nicole Garcia. (Official selection in the 2016 Festival de Cannes) and in 120 battement par minutedirected by Robin Campillo, that will be released in Autumn 2017.

Aloïse Sauvage - Aphone

Aloïse Sauvage - Ailleurs Higher

Aloïse Sauvage - Hiver brûlant