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A Time To Improvise Casual Awareness…
Danger ! Danger ! Young river, young man diluting your insanity…you posed for a moment and I heard you smoking… Organic rock did you say ? Like a body with a life of its own ! ? !

The ATTICA Project

The ATTICA project started in September 2002 in Brussels, Belgium. It’s about music that is both spontaneous and solid, free spirited whilst still being conscious of its acts.

ATTICA’ s intention is to offer the audience an intuitive experience that evolves between the romantic and the soft, the angry and the heavy, the weird and the wonderful. It pulls people into evocative or troubling soundscapes with melodies that remind you that Attica is a rock band, to dance to, to sing along with, to relate to.

The band uses the ‘spirit’ of jazz music by operating a permanent interaction between the musicians that leads them to a rather free interpretation of the songs, while remaining a rock band with an energetic, alternative sound.

The name of the band, inspired from Archie Shepp’s famous album “Attica Blues” and from the N.Y penitentiary , was chosen for all of these reasons and personifies the will to go beyond conventions whilst still remaining within the world’s physical limits, the latter being pushed a step further every time the project and its members evolve.

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