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Communions are a four-piece from Copenhagen made up of brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, Jacob Van Deurs Formann, and Frederik Lind Köppen.

The opening tracks of Blue prime us for the ride. 'Come On, I'm Waiting' rallies us with a rhythm that punches and a lyric that doesn't start with introductions, peaking into an anthemic call. The following track, 'Today,' is peppered with a wistfully mournful guitar that propels the song along, washing over Rehof's wry cry of intent. 

The band stalks new territory with a distinctive edge on 'Midnight Child.' Their effortless way with melody is wound tight into what feels like an aching glance across a dance floor. On 'Don't Hold Anything Back,'we soar on a blissed-out, hyper-real summer day. It cuts through the album like the statement the band were always dying to make. It has the heady lust of their earlier recordings, but with a tough-but-tender stare. 

Communions have brought everything they were brooding over into focus with Blue. A love song's a love, but a love song with a heart of its own beats louder. The band are louder and clearer, and the immediacy of the experience is stunning.  

Communions - Live in Copenhagen (full session video)

Communions - Forget it's a Dream (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Communions - Botanique

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Fat Possums/PIAS
Last album: 
Blue (03.02.17)
Last single: 
Come On, I'm Waiting