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As pioneer of the electronic music in Belgium, Dan Lacksman is preparing himself for the release of an album, amusingly titled ‘Electric Dreams’, that he will present exclusively during les Nuits Botanique.

He is mostly known for his work in the very cult and brilliant Telex (with Marc Moulin and Michel Moers), but he’s also known as a producer (from Lio to Deep Forest). Dan Lacksman shows something tuneful that goes back to basics with twelve original and wonderful pop compositions.

Realized with Alice Lacksman, the Benjamin of the group, and with the cooperation of Sandrine Collard and Jacques Duvall, Dan Lacksman is first-rate with the release of an album that is entirely modern regarding sound, without getting nostalgic. Warm and playful, cinematographic and inventive, gloomy and skillful… ‘Electric Dreams’ has to become one of the best records of 2013. Of course, because even the cover is brilliant and was designed by the ever brilliant Ever Meulen, author of the records at Telex. Well done!