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Pascal Danaë was living in self-exile in Amsterdam in 2010 when he found the instrument which would set him free. He was already established as a virtuoso guitarist in France, had played in London and worked with Morcheeba, Youssou N’Dour and Peter Gabriel. But playing “millions of notes a second” had worn him down. His soul required a different kind of music. Eight years later, the band he formed to play that music, Delgres, have made a debut album, "Mo Jodi", which delivers a strikingly unique take on the blues. They are named after Louis Delgres, the black Napoleonic officer who died rebelling against his beloved Emperor’s 1802 restoration of slavery in the Guadeloupe. Their subject is what it takes to be free, and their music ranges from a rockabilly take on Howlin’ Wolf on the opening “Respecte Nou” to glam-rock guitar on “Mr. President”, the harder dance beats of “Can’t Let You Go”, and “Sere Mwen Pli Fo”, an Afrobeat-inflected, Creole acoustic power ballad duet with Morcheeba’s Skye Edwards. Drummer Baptiste Brondy holds down a sometimes electronically pumped up beat, while sousaphone-player Rafgee offers a New Orleans version of the bass-line. This is blues as socially charged, wildly unpredictable pop music.

Delgres - Mr President (Official Music Video)

Delgres - Can't Let You Go (Official Music Video)

Delgres - Mo Jodi (Official Music Video)

Delgres - Vivre Sur La Route (feat. Jean-Louis Aubert)