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Ed Harcourt returns this year with ‘Furnaces’, the most ambitious and fully­ realised album of his career. It’s a record shot through with an eloquent fury that stares deeply into the modern world and asks where we’re all heading. “These are songs about the menace and the threat that men in general pose to everything and everyone: women, children, nature,” says Harcourt. “We’ve tried to mess with Mother Nature and completely plunder it and destroy it, but it will always come back and bite us on the arse. The earth will be around forever, but we won’t. We’re just so arrogant. That was my catalyst for this album.” The record was produced by Flood, a long­time ally of Harcourt, who has previously worked with the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey and Nine Inch Nails. “He’s an unbelievable producer, he totally made me up my game,” says Harcourt, who explains that the pair would volley songs and ideas back and forth as they changed and warped into unexpected shapes.

"The Way That I Live" by Ed Harcourt - Burberry Acoustic

Ed Harcourt - This One's For You