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The supremely gifted Franz Treichler is Gilles Jobin’s longstanding musical collaborator, and the composer of choice for all Jobin’s performance pieces.

Treichler works by creating successive layers of sound, developing resonating, non-representational sheets of sound, which enfold, swathe, accompany and precede the movements on stage.

Treichler shapes the resulting sonic universe into a kind of sculpture, concentrating, in the process, on constructing a viable third dimension. Sometimes, this takes the form of a hypnotic force, flashing, crackling and catalysing the performance on stage. At other times, it evolves through a series of repetitions designed to extend rather than illustrate the action.

For his collaboration with Jobin on the piece Under Construction, Treichler set himself the task of writing a more detailed musical score than previously attempted. Work began on the composition far in advance of the movement preparation and drew on the contribution of, among other collaborators, a string quartet.

All of which serves to remind how well Treichler’s music breathes life into Gilles Jobin’s much cherished Boids, a collection of computer animated creatures designed to simulate the sort of group movement characteristic of shoals of fish or flocks of birds. Treichler eschews the route of formal illustration, and manages to invest them with a sensory dimension, capable of conveying the impression of seeing and hearing.

Franz Treichler began his career as a guitarist and sound engineer, before becoming the composer and singer with the seminal Swiss electronic rock group “The Young Gods”. Since 1989, he has embarked on a number of international tours with the band and has recorded 7 albums and 6 singles with them.