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Goldenboy or an off the wall new romantic dandy, is a fantasy figure, with an unashamedly megalomaniac lifestyle. Via pop songs dedicated to women who have overwhelmed him, he pokes fun at his own passionate fantasies. A golden boy, eternally unsatisfied, losing his way in the prism of his own pipe dreams. For live performances, Julien decided to choose women to accompany him on stage in an original quartett combination: Julien van Aerschot (keyboards/vocals), Céline Chappuis (cello/backing vocals), Malika El Barkani (bass/backing vocals), Dorothée Moermans (drums/backing vocals). On its release on Saturday November 22nd, in order to celebrate the first belgian date at the Botanique, there will be a number of surprise guests joining the line up.


Goldenboy - Lola