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Hein Cooper is an Australian indie musician and songwriter from Milton, New South Wales. In 2013 he was discovered performing in a small bar in Sydney by Franz Schuller, manager of Half Moon Run. Hein was invited to write and demo his songs in Montreal, Canada, where he was then signed to Indica Records. After returning to Australia to continue developing his sound, he headed back to Montreal in 2014 and recorded his debut self-titled EP with producer Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire, The National, The Local Natives, Hey Rosetta). Hein's blend of indie and pop, emotive lyrics are all woven together by his delicately desperate vocal performance. Throughout the EP there are strong themes of change, escapism and transformation particularly in the song "The Art of Escape" as Hein himself puts it: "It is a call to all of the wonderful displaced beings I have found in my life and more broadly everybody who feels alone in their own idealistic dreaming". He performed at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, festivals in his native Australia, and is due to release his EP in Australia and Canada in April 2015.

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Hein Cooper - The Real (Official video)

Hein Cooper - Botanique

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