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Years before she toured the world alongside Alicia Keys, wrote songs with John Legend, belted the Southern rhythm and blues with Muddy Magnolias and kicked off a solo career with 2019's Phase, Jessy Wilson grew up in Brooklyn, listening to the diverse sounds that filled her family's apartment. Written and recorded with producer Patrick Carney, drummer for the Black Keys, Phase brews up its own storm of soulful sound. It's a modern album rooted in everything that made the old stuff good: the R&B melodies of the late 1960s and '70s; the pulsating grooves of hip-hop; the urban commentary and subtlety of Curtis Mayfield; fuzz guitar inspired by the crème de la crème of psychedelic rock; the irresistible, genre-bending of artists like The Beatles. Gritty and progressive, Phase reintroduces Jessy Wilson as we've never heard her before: undiluted, unaccompanied and unleashed.

Jessy Wilson - Clap Your Hands

Jessy Wilson - Oh, Baby

Jessy Wilson - Botanique

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May 3rd/Thirty Tigers
Last album: 
Phase (03.04.19)
Last single: 
Clap your hands