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Five years ago, Lambert appeared for the first time. Well, better to say he was heard from. The person behind the Sardinian bull mask remains unrecognized to this day. There are many rumours about who and what could be hidden behind this mask. And that’s a good thing. Lambert's playing is internationally known and in demand. Renowned artists such as José González, Deichkind and Moderat have asked for reworks of their tracks and received unique new interpretations. In these five years, Lambert released four solo albums and toured halfway across the continent. After releasing two albums in 2018, one in collaboration with electronics producer Stimming and one with Chicago folk singer Brookln Dekker, in May 2018 Lambert reduced his focus again: alone and disguised at the piano. Busy days, busy years - so much so that one suspected more than one personality behind this pseudonym. But for Lambert, rumours and names are no more than inspiring sound and smoke. What counts is what really lies behind it: a new Lambert album will continue this story in autumn 2019.

Lambert - Sweet Apocalypse

Lambert - In The Dust Of Our Days

Lambert (c) Andreas Hornoff - Botanique

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Mercury KX
Last album: 
Alone (10.05.19)
Lambert (c) Andreas Hornoff - Botanique