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James’ rich musical influences are laced through the release of ‘A Louder Silence’. Encouraged by his mother, a classically trained pianist, he learned to play the cello and developed a deep understanding of rhythm and melody that informs his approach to writing electronic music. James plays the piano he grew up listening to in “Mumma Don’t Tell” and samples an indefinable percussive element to drive forward “Suns Of Gold.” “Night and Day” sees cello plucks and long melodic strokes interlink with a grooving synth line. He also field records the atmospheric Moroccan sea in “Red Sea.” Inspiration stems from the experimentation of modern day electronic producers, fused with the Jazz, Classical, Blues, and Soul music that soundtracked his youth.

Leifur James - Time

Leifur James - Red Sea

Leifur James (c) Alex Kozobolis - Botanique

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Night Time Stories
Last album: 
A Louder Silence (05.10.2018)
Leifur James (c) Alex Kozobolis - Botanique