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When Martin Kohlstedt starts his next big tour this fall he will not only have his highly anticipated new album "Strom" packed and ready. "New" is a dated concept for him anyway — especially in the concert hall his music loses any notions and implications of trend to solely exist in an electrifying and continuous "now".

Improvisation and the joy of the experiment are for fans well known foundations of Martin Kohlstedt's so-called "modular compositions". The forthcoming pieces will fortunately change nothing in this aspect apart from adding new and untried stones to the path waiting to be paved.

Sounds like quite a lot of work? It is. Between frantic passages on the piano and wrenching synthesizer chords Martin Kohlstedt does not simply perform pop dressed up as jazz or classical music but, in an effort as exerting for the audience as for himself, presents taxing rituals of contemplation, of ecstasy or even failure. Still, catchy melodies and a passion for the beauty of simplicity are not absent — he does after all rather follow his gut than his head.

One thing is certain, though: Martin Kohlstedt's baggage is already quite heavy.

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