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It’s a familiar story: fledgling singer does soul-sucking day job in order to fund their real passion during the nocturnal hours. Except Mattiel Brown, Atlanta’s rising star, is a rare exception to this time-honoured tradition: a fulfilled creative by day and night, albeit in different contexts. “It’s like I have two full-time jobs: designer and musician,” she says, humbly hip to her good fortune. During office hours, Brown works as an ad designer and illustrator at MailChimp, a position she’s enjoyed for four years. Out of office hours, Brown swaps the design studio for the stage, a softly-spoken, chilled-out design nerd turned rock & roll belter, performing bold, vintage soul as Mattiel (pronounced ‘maa-TEEL’). When Brown first began jamming with InCrowd, the Atlanta-based song-writing and production team behind her dynamite eponymous debut, she had no real designs on making a whole album and no gameplan beyond the fun of “creating something out of nothing”. But her producers, Randy Michael and Jonah Swilley, knew a good thing when they heard it: Brown and InCrowd had chemistry. Mattiel released a debut self-titled album on Heavenly in July 2018 after the label fell head over heels in love with the record following its initial release on Californian label, Burger Records, in the autumn of 2017. Backed by an incredible band anchored by Jonah Swilley, a run of sold-out shows across Europe, including a breathtaking performance at London’s Garage, opening slots for Jack White in the U.S. and an early appearance on Later…with Jools Holland effortlessly proved them to be one of the most exciting, modern rock acts around.

Mattiel - "Count Your Blessings" (Official Music Video)

Mattiel - Whites of Their Eyes (Official Video)

Mattiel - Keep The Change (Official Video)

Mattiel (c) Jason Kofke - Botanique

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Heavenly Recordings / PIAS
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Satis Factory (14.06.19)
Mattiel (c) Jason Kofke - Botanique
Mattiel - Botanique