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With Micah P. Hinson's first appearance to the world at large 12 years ago with the release of …and The Gospel of Progress, at the time, being accused of being a scumbag, a drug addict, being raised by a God-wielding parental set of snake-handling weirdos, bouts of homelessness (these all to be contested by what is truth and what is not, as both run a heavy stream splitting his world), he is now headlong, and worlds away, from these allegations, truths and fibs, and has toured the world, put his songs to tape and released (some acclaimed, some not), and always holding the flame of songwriting as something like a Holy Grail to his chest. With albums under his belt such as The Baby and The Satellite, The Opera Circuit, The Red Empire Orchestra, The Pioneer Saboteurs, and The Nothing, along with others, we can still find him pushing forward with new work spilling out of his hands, always looking for the new melody or the new song for the People. Although he hasn't released a record in sometime, due to the birth of his first born son, there seems to always be something going on in his life that would attempt to heander his productions, such as broken spines, near fatal van accidents in strange lands, the temporary loss of his arms and split nerves, Hinson never lets that torch flame dwindle or let a plume of smoke be seen instead. With Hinson's new tour of Europe this coming Spring, he his glad to be able to begin playing live what will be his newest LP, as well as promoting his project Broken Arrows, which has been called anything from 'Desert Metal' to a 'Santo and Johnny Acid Trip'. 12 years is quite a long stint in this modern age, with the masses always seeming to bend an ear and eye to everything new and shiny, but only Father Time knows, or will tell, when that stretch will coming burning and crashing beneath him. He is faithful to Music, ever hopeful that Music is faithful to him, and he is coming to tell you all about it, as always, with his eyes set to the Future and all that that will and can be.

Micah P Hinson - Take Off that Dress for Me