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The general public heard for the first time about Mikky Ekko in 2013, when he released the monster hit "Stay" with Rihanna. After releasing his debut album "Time" in 2015, he took a step back to focus on the creation of his second album. At the beginning of March 2018, his new record “Advance Copy EP” came out and we also know his second album "Fame" will be relased later this year. He describes it as a more DIY project, which is closer to who he is than was “Time”. Darker, more synth-heavy, but still the product of a talented songwriter with a great voice. Or, as they say at Disco Naïveté: "He really has everything to become a proper pop star."

Mikky Ekko - Moment

Mikky Ekko - Smile

Mikky Ekko performing "Stay" Live at Sonos Studio on KCRW

Mikky Ekko - Not The One