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“A look in the mirror is a look back and one into the future," that’s how MOGLI describes the feeling that pushes her on her upcoming "The Mirrors Tour". As mysterious as the look into her future still is, her past with all its milestones couldn’t be any clearer: For her debut album "Bird", she was honored with the VUT Indie Award for Best Newcomer of the Year. Moreover, she gained worldwide awareness due to her broadcast documentary "Expedition Happiness", which was shown in nationwide cinemas and is also available on Netflix. Watching MOGLI on screen, many viewers also became aware of her album "Wanderer". During her journey from Alaska to the South of America, she found inspiration on glaciers, in the desert as well as in the jungles of Mexico. With "Wanderer", she musically takes her listeners on the journey she experienced herself and which shaped her as an artist. The result: 14 songs full of magical closeness to nature, longing for the distance and the courage to leave the everyday life behind and start on an adventure. Coming back to Germany, MOGLI wanted to show and transmit her impressions live on stage. Her first club tour was completely sold out and on her following European tour, she soon filled halls in London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. This summer, she delighted 1100 listeners in the middle of the Frankfurt Palmengarten. Just as every journey shapes a person, MOGLI shows stylistic mutability and further development. The song "Strobe Lights", which was released in the beginning of September, is the first sneak peek into her upcoming EP “Cryptic”. At the same time, it is her first approach to electronic musical elements. "The Mirrors Tour" will give MOGLI’S listeners the opportunity to take a mutual look into the rear-view mirror and to listen to well-known songs as "Alaska", "Wanderer" or "Road Holes". At the same time, she grants an exclusive insight into yet unpublished song material - and which road she will take on her personal musical journey.

Mogli - Alaska

Mogli - Holocene (Live)