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The instrumental trio formerly known as NOX was created under the impulse of violin player Catherine Graindorge.

Active in numerous collaborations with artists such as John Parish, Bertrand Cantat (Noir Désir), Pascal Humbert (16 Horsepower) and Hugo Race (ex Bad Seeds), she joined forces with bass player David Christophe and drummer Elie Rabinovitch and together they released two albums (“Nox” in 2009 & “Freaks” in 2011) on the belgian independant label Depot214.

The band also composed original music for choregraphy (for Marion Ballester at ‘Charleroi Danses’) and cinema (“Le Prix du Pain” by Yves Dorme, “L’œil silencieux” by Karim Ouelhaj,…). The American director Hal Hartley used two tracks from the album « Freaks » for his feature film “My America”.

Nile On waX´s third release, “Bell Dogs”, will be launched this fall.

Nile On waX : Rhapsody (short version)

Nile On waX : Bell Dogs (Part 1)

Nile On WaX - PHOTO de Michel Masquelier

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Depot214 Records
Last album: 
Bell Dogs (02.10.2017)
Nile On WaX - PHOTO de Michel Masquelier