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Ghentian shinobi sound assassin Ninjato returns to Caoutchou... with a vengeance. Six years have passed, and the ninja from "Chronicles Of The Six Samurai" has been "Studying War For Peaceful Reasons". Where his debut album was focused around heavily glitch-inspired surroundings, his newest effort centers around the calm within a jungle storm. From tribal war drums to the soothing sounds of tropical drone rainfalls, from harsh and funky beats and basslines to rhythmic and relaxing African chanting, "Studying War For Peaceful Reasons" has a colorful and extensive sound pallet. Ninjato is Joren Hemeryck, straight outta Ghent. He created the ninja character based on the sounds of Amon Tobin, Fela Kuti, Lorn, Dorain Concept and fLako and has shared the stage with acts such as Clap! Clap!, Shabazz Palaces, Loops Haunt, Ross From Friends, Slugabed, and many more.

Ninjato ft. Amazumi & Mira - BLACK FOREST

Ninjato (c) Wim Van Wambeke - Botanique

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Studying War For Peaceful Reasons (09.04.2018)