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Forget everything you know about flamenco. Niño de Elche reinvents this music born more than three centuries ago. He uses his voice as an instrument and confronts the genre with electric guitars, synthesizers, drum machines...We recently saw him at the Sónar (Barcelona) present the impressive RaVerdial - a mix of words combining rave and verdiales, popular festivals and rural Spanish. His latest LP, Voces Del Extremo (2015) is a fascinating link between motorik rhythms (from kautrock), ambient tracks and a synthetic touch. All topped with a voice that touches the heart, no matter if we speak the language of Cervantes. In the manner of a Denez Prigent in Britain, the native of Elche knows the tradition and defends his culture with the filter of modernity.

Niño de Elche - Mercados - "Voces del Extremo" (2015)