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Who doesn’t remember their hit song Ann Wants To Dance ? Soundtrack of the summer 2015 and which music video made by Soko got a few millions views. This cheerful and addictive tune laid the foundations for the four-handed songwriting style of Ulysse Cottin (brown hair) and Armand Penicaut (blond hair). Papooz have a talent for sway pop and irrefutable groove like very few of their compatriots, aside from Phoenix we cannot think of anyone else. Tropical pop here, wild bossa nova there, all of it deeply anchored in the American style of the Seventies, Ulysse and Armand are perfectly matched. Falsely dabbler and completely inspired, the duo fights the ambient gloom with their songs. In the midst of winter, what’s better than an album by Papooz to heat things up ? Let’s avoid the whole “difficult hurdle of the second album” cliché and say that Night Sketches reveals another face of the duo.
 Darker and more electric, this album is the result of a meticulous work of production, in close collaboration with Adrien Durand, head of Bon Voyage Organisation (BVO) who is behind the brilliant production. “Unlike our first album, which contained miscellaneous songs written years ago and without any knowledge of either production or arrangements, we “mentalized” this new album. We wanted to bridge the gap between the seventies and the eighties, by bringing in even more groove.” Hence a clever combination between vintage pop (Steely Dan ahead) and synth pop, giving an astounding result. 

Papooz - Ann Wants to Dance - (official video)

Papooz - Theatrical State of Mind | A COLORS SHOW

Papooz - Trampoline (Clip Officiel)