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For all of you with a well-developed musical taste it's not at all unlikely that somewhere in your digital or analogue record collection you'll run into a track on which Peter Broderick performed.

This 23-year old American multi-instrumentalist worked his way into the musical world through some good old-fashioned session musicianship.

You can hear him play on records by M. Ward, She And Him or Dolorean.

And there's also a good chance you've seen him on stage alongside Horse Feathers, Laura Gibson or Efterklang.

But why we have chosen to have him over is because of his own body of work varying from pure instrumental piano pieces (like on his mini album 'Docile') over clever orchestrated string music (like on the orchestral conceptual album 'Float') to intimate singer songwriter music (like on his folk record 'Home').

In other words: highly recommended!