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In September 2012 Pilod rose from the ashes of “The boy Outside”, the band that Christophe and Frédéric finally joined after having played for years separately in the music scene of Leuven. Together with Valerie Stoens (drums) they founded the new band. After months of writing, jamming and giving concerts, they finally launched their well-received debut album “Sunny Forecast” (2013), full of creaking and squealing guitar sounds with a melancholic touch. Thanks to the input of sound engineer, and in the meantime friend, Steven Crabbé, the band’s typical sound was refined.

Valerie decided to leave the band in the summer of 2014. Pilod searched for a replacement, which they found in Geert Luyts, an old acquaintance. Geert gave his first Pilod concert in an obscure club in Barcelona. The chemistry was intense, gave the music a firmer sound and resulted in a series of new songs.

Pilod released its second album “Black Swan” in which the theme of the black swan, the impact of the highly improbable, appears and that will explore a world closer to home. Wringing guitars and hidden melodies, which go back to their early roots in the 1990ies, are still the basic features of the music, but have evolved into a different sound thanks to the new line-up. Whether it is somber urgency, threatening explosiveness or a hypnotic procession pace, the songs take their time to develop and receive a direct and intense impact when played live.

Pilod - Black Swan (official video clip)

Pilod - Read my lips

Pilod - Botanique

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Black Swan (22.10.16)