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The Pink Lemons are three boys and a girl from the countryside, representing a generation of young dreamers fearless to blend indie-pop with hints of funky rhythms and clever melodies After a few jam sessions they decided to start a band in early 2018 and quickly became ET!KET Records' young protégées. Debut EP 'Not so Pink.' came out in early 2019 and The Pink Lemons are finally back with a first music video for their new single 'Papapa' on September 6. A vibrant energy - especially live - that will loosen your legs and make you feel like you're dancing through the sky.

The Pink Lemons - Papapa

Floating - Marlin´s Dreaming ( The Pink Lemons )

The Pink Lemons - Botanique

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ET!KET Records
Last album: 
Not so Pink. (12.02.19)
Last single: 
Papapa (06.09.19)