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Some people say luck is the intersection of hard work and opportunity. The Revivalists have been on an unbelievable ride where ten years of tireless hard work was unexpectedly revved up by the wrongly dubbed “overnight success” of the gold-selling #1 single “Wish I Knew You.” Like any enduring band worth its salt, they set their sights on what’s next, buckling down and turning up with an album full of tunes marked by moments of sonic complexity, celebration, and catharsis, taking their songcraft to a whole new level. The striking and soulful lead single “All My Friends” signals this newfound depth and ambition, and is the first taste of their fourth studio album released via Loma Vista Recordings.

The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You

The Revivalists | "Keep Going" | Live Session

The Revivalists (c) Zackery Michael - Botanique

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