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Jangly guitar rock and roll springing from the suburbs of North London. Chief songwriter James Wing a long with his little brother Tom and a hard grafted rhythm section in Luke Evans and Brendan Monahan released their self-titled first album on One Man Movement Records this year. Their story is somewhat murky and complicated as how this 4 piece came together, their studio personnel are always interchanging but one thing that remains constant is the 4 gentlemen that grace a local stage every fortnight or so in the city in which they were born. Naturally the shared DNA plays a big part in the identity in the group. The Wing brothers fell for rock and roll music at a very young age but its the family and childhood memories that influences the material more than ever. A hark back to the days of innocence. Watch out for a new single and album on the way very soon from North London’s finest.

The Roves - I Go by Bill | Sofar London

The Roves | BERLIN | 09.18