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Sau Poler is from Badalona, a little town on the outskirts of Barcelona. PauSoler (his real name) ventured into music in 2012 as a way to explore hissonically-propelled curiosities, and most of all, to have fun. Influenced byvarious genres, but more receptive to the audio-tones of hip-hop andelectronica, Sau Poler’s hefty list of inspirational peers include AphexTwin, Boards Of Canada, Four Tet and Bonobo.

Having released his debut EP, ‘A Soundless Echo’ on Atomnation in 2013,which has since lead to a slew of support from Pete Tong, Thropics, JohnTalabot and a growing fan-base amongst the tastemaker and blogospherecommunity, Sau Poler has gone on to play notable venues and events in Barcelona (Sonar), Paris, New York and Amsterdam. His new EP ’Paradoxes OfProgress’ features plenty of new dance-floor rhythms and often bringsforward an organic production style, a quality we’ve become accustom to whenhearing from this up-and-coming producer.


On ’Paradoxes Of Progress’, Sau Poler continues to explore his vast musicalrealm, resulting in a constant flow of rapturous musical sketches. Kickingoff the EP is ‘For NYC’, a twisted Balearic vocal cut that leads suitablyinto the RnB-tilted pop chant ‘Non Plus Ultra’. Once Poler has youfirmly-placed in his musical grasp, the young producer off-loads the garagemash-up ‘Mental Invasion’, before dropping his euphoric techno workout‘Illusion Of Time’. This five-track EP is perfectly rounded-off with themajestically embellished vocal intonate of ‘Juun’. Sau Poler’s releasesconsist of minimal house audio vignettes that can be simultaneouslyinterpreted in both a euphoric and a melancholic way; his output is modern,melodic & electronic, effectively moving mind and body.