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After the release of their 2014 debut EP The World Is A Terrible Place And I Hate Myself And Want To Die, The Superweaks went to work on creating the best rock and roll record of the decade. Bad Year, the first full length record from The Superweaks, is filled with more guitars than all the songs you've heard on the radio in the last ten years combined. Slowly making their way towards superstardom, The Superweaks have taken everything you love about Weezer, Superchunk and Cheap Trick and squeezed them together in eleven tracks of purified rock.

The Superweaks keep the same tongue in cheek tomfoolery that earned them their cult following with The World Is A Terrible Place (see Bad Year tracks 2, 9 & 11), and just like on that EP, Bad Year's cheeky titling is fully backed up by well-crafted, beautifully recorded, brilliantly catchy songs. The songwriting duo of Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo may be silly, but they are no joke. Alternating between shredding rockers and pop-y sing-alongs, The Superweaks have put their back into delivering you your new favorite record.

The Superweaks - Nevermind

Introducing: The Superweaks