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Swearin' is from NYC and Philly! Swearin' is Allison Crutchfield, Kyle Gilbride, Keith Spencer, and Jeff Bolt. Some of their other musical endeavors include: PS Eliot, Big Soda, Bad Blood Revival, Bad Banana, Big Eyes, Dear Marje, and countless others. You can hear the influences of these bands in Swearin's sound along with bands like the Breeders or the Rentals. All of Swearin' has come up and been involved with with the DIY scene for a long time. Not much… read more

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Swearin' - Future Hell (Official 3D Music Video)

Swearin' - Dust in the Gold Sack - Official video

Swearin - Botanique

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Merge Records
Last album: 
Fall into the Sun (05.10.18)
Last single: 
Future Hell
Swearin - Botanique