Eco-dynamic enterprise

Including the environmental issue in a pre-existent institution is not an easy business. Nonetheless, Le Botanique wanted to launch an environmental friendly process for years, and it is now a working progress since 2015. One of the first ecological actions was to apply for the label « eco-dynamic entreprise » delivered by Brussels Environment.
The actions taken before and after the application allowed us to obtain our first star, making Le Botanique an official « eco-dynamic entreprise » !

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what has been done :

Eco-management = saving

*Decreasing energy consumption through the installation of LED (light-emitting diode) and gradual installation of lighting timers in places such as toilets, halls etc.
*Installing waste sorting bins for the public, the employees and the artists, with a clear and fun signage system
*Collaborating with a new supplier for waste sorting (Sita)
*Reducing paper trash by using more and more e-mails

Eco-management = good habits 

*Developing a sustainable purchasing policy : buying sustainable furnitures, organic food and catering materials (fair trade and organic coffee, compostable flatware etc.)
*Turning off the lights after leaving rooms, using rough paper to print non official documents, using reusable dishes
*Sending “green mailing” to the employees to remind them the good and environmental friendly habits (good use of paper, turning off the lights, choosing electronic payslips, waste sorting etc.)

Eco-management = creativity

*Developing a partnership with Event Pool, a website offering carpooling for people who want to attend concerts, with a communication on our website and on social networks
*Using ecological cleaning products (Eco Vert)
*Monthly monitoring of energy consumption, trash production, paper consumption, through invoices and electricity meters
*Replacing the previous food stands by food trucks (and food bikes) offering organic and/or local products, for the festival Les Nuits Botanique
*Developing a project of a parking for bicycles during Les Nuits Botanique
*Installing boards with timetables of last coming trams, subways and trains, based on a template provided by Quality Nights

We will try as much as possible to pursue this environmental policy in our future projects, and to satisfy more and more our public.