Vingtième nuit (c) Arianne Foks, 2015-2017

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Du mercredi au dimanche, de 12:00 à 20:00


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Thursday 14.09.17 - Sunday 15.10.17

Following an invitation from Mehdi-Georges Lahlou to exhibit at the Gallery of the Botanique, Arianne Foks now invites us, in turn, to meander through her prolific oeuvre.


This artist has an intuitive and even organic way of working, and this has given rise to a vast body of work that comes into being in a rather rhizome-like fashion. Her oeuvre includes drawings, collages, images captured here and there, which she paints and scribbles upon, or cuts out. They form fine outlines, impressive, brightly coloured plates, plant adornments, or a joyful accumulation of delicate figures all side-by-side. Of unbridled appearance, her work is nevertheless governed by an archiving precision whose infinite variables change the rules like clockwork.

Each work of art, considered as complete, and even every reject is preserved. They are likely to resurface and to be hung upside down at a next display.

Indeed, every exhibition provides an opportunity to produce previously unpublished works, and also to breathe new life into older pieces. In so doing, the artist brings new energy to this little realm, creating new connections between her oeuvres, based on a cosmogony that is hers and hers alone.


Hotel Mnemosyne comes across as an intimate and sensitive place in which each element, with its own fragility, spins around like a fragment in a global system that is continually re-inventing and re-establishing itself to always come up with a new language.

nder this title which is reminiscent of the famous oeuvre by the art historian Aby Warburg, Arianne Foks engages in her very own map-making, which is presented to the visitors as one large installation. We meander from one echo to the other, at the whim of her visual associations and their undulating vibrations.


Arianne Foks (1982, lives and works in Paris) is a plastic artist and practises various art forms, including performance art. You may happen to see her wearing an event organiser’s helmet, whenever the fancy takes her.

She has formed the subject of several personal and group exhibitions in Europe, including in Brussels and in France, and also in the United States.