BOTA KIDS: Exhibition + creative workshop

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10:00 - 12:00


Rates: 3€ For the kids and on presentation of the ticket for adults


Buy your concert ticket + 2 € and access to exhibition in the evening of the concert.

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BOTA KIDS: Exhibition + creative workshop

Saturday 16.03.19

With the collective artists "1jour1salon", get started in a creative workshop thought and created around the exhibition. This young collective will make you discover the exhibition and the artist in a practictal, original and creative way.

This workshop is based around a work about image. How to transform, reinterpret, confront our conncection to the photography, the image and its materiality?        

Different themes and tools will be manipulated: scientists reviews, texts and literary journals, materials and Michel Mazzoni's photography. To work the material, scanner and printer will be installed. There will also be a panel of cutting tools, drawing and paper frame.

The workshop takes place in a friendly atmosphere in the exhibtion it self, among the Michel Mazzoni's images. Focused on the pedagogy of doing, this workshop makes the exhibition accessible to everyone, stimulates creation and allows to demystify the artist's approach.


Hours : 10h-12h

Rates: 3€ For the kids and on presentation of the ticket for adults


Next dates :

Sat. 30.03.2019 I 10h-12h I FR/EN

Sat. 13.04.2019 I 10h-12h I FR/EN