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Dirk Hendrikx - Penser

Sunday 10.05.15 - Saturday 30.05.15
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Parc - Serres

An artistic project by Dirk Hendrikx/Aard 

Penser ("Think") is the second chapter of an art project launched in May 2014 in the Dansaert neighbourhood in Brussels. While the first part suggested a dialogue between the artist and the urban canvas, Penser is by contrast a distinct reflection on nature. By filling the grounds, the terraces and the greenhouses, Dirk Hendrikx is constructing a dialogue with the Botanique’s environment. He juxtaposes his works with natural features, as well as with the existing bronze sculptures. His sculptures, drawn from his Contact series, for the most part feature a man leaning forwards. Inspired by Rodin’s thinker, his protagonist rests the top of his head, literally confronting the trees or the old bronzes in an almost warrior-like attitude. Head to head, he seems to be pushing against his adversary or, alternatively, seeking some kind of mental connection. The incongruous presence in the park of these sculptures, crafted from recycled materials, is complemented by a series of animals, all facing north, each stirred by the same instinctive movement. In the water features, he scatters photographs taken from the work "Le premier déjeuner" (“The first breakfast”), in which, by multiplying the images, he revisits conventional representations of the last supper.

© Dirk Hendrikx

In collaboration with the culture department of Saint-Josse and the IBGE.