How to get there?

By public transport

We always try to ensure that the concerts end around 10:30 PM. This way, our audience can still make use of public transportation. The final (but theoretical) schedule will be announced the day of the concert at 02:00 PM on our website. Stay tuned! Of course we are not immune to technical difficulties or delays, due to your or the artists’ enthusiasm!

With STIB: Stop: Botanique
Metro (every 10 minutes): Line 2 and 6
Tram & bus: Trams 92 and 93 (every 6 to 20 minutes), Bus 61 (every 10 to 20 minutes), Noctis nr04 (every 30 minutes only on Friday and Saturday nights)
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With De Lijn: Stop: Botanique
Bus:  270 ,271 , 272 , 358 , 470 , 620
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By train: It’s possible to reach Brussels-North from any station,  either directly or with a switch. Up from there, it’s only a 10-15 minute walk to Botanique.
Last trains from Brussels-North:

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By bike

The Botanique is easily accessible by bike. There’s a bicycle parking at the entrance of the building, in front of the hotel BLOOM! and right across the street.
Do you want to make sure you’re in time for the concerts? Consider Villo: a public rental programme for bikes in Brussels. It’s an easy and fast way to move through the capital.
There are several stations near the Botanique:

- Station Botanique, nr 55, avenue Galilée, 3 minute walk
Station Saint-Marie, nr 144, rue Royale 257-259, 5 minute walk
Station Congress, nr 48, rue Royale 146-148, 8 minute walk (or only one tram stop

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By car

Think about sharing a car!


A parking is available for only €3,50 at 100 metres from Botanique. This, every day (weekends included) from 7:30 PM to 1:00 AM. Parking station height: 180cm

Parking Bota
Rue Traversière 17 
(small road right across the Botanique)
1210 Saint-Josse

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Think about using shared cars! Several stations are available near the Botanique:

Station Botanique, Avenue Galilée 5, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
Station Barricades, Place des Barricades 14, 1000 Brussels

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Zen car:
Station Botanique, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique  50, 1000 Brussels

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Since January 1st, 2018 the Brussels-Capital Region has become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). If you are entering the city in a car or van, check here to find out whether you are allowed to drive your vehicle within the LEZ. If you do not meet the conditions, we would remind you that there are park-and-ride car parks on the access routes leading into Brussels as well as alternatives to the car.

Thank you for taking part in the regional effort aimed at improved air quality!